Welcome to Think2Make, the ideas factory!

Founded in 2014, the think2make ideas factory is specialised in creativity and innovation in the industry sector. Moreover, We intervene in various ways, helping in products and companies development, process optimisation. Our clients are entrepreneurs, working in R&D projects and innovative marketing.

We design tailored and highly collaborative interventions (not only brainstorming), to implement solutions that have meaningful impact on the market. In short, The delivered value exceeds 10 x its fee. Our approach is efficient, fresh, action oriented, creative and easy to put in place.

Case Studies

  • Viteos

    Viteos SA : Quelle est la raison d’être de notre organisation ? Qu’est-ce qui nous unit ?

  • RedHat

    RedHat Inc. : Comment booster encore plus la collaboration au sein de notre organisation ?

  • facilitation

    Böllhoff SA : Comment délivrer encore plus de valeur à nos clients avec de nouveaux services ?